Download: Key Nyata – “TWO PHONKEY” (album)

July 6th, 2012 · Posted by PandaReemy

Raider Klan summer! Check out the debut album from BRK’s YG, Key Nyata. I met Key via Twitter well over a year ago and have been blessed to follow the growth of a young Producer/Rapper on the rise. This album is full of PHONK, that same genre that BRK general SpaceGhost Purrp created. I love Key’s music tho, because it has this very authentic West Coast vibe you would only be able to find on Young Murder Squad albums mixed with sounds from Memphis to Texas. If you’re a fan of the RVIDXRS, this is a must have in your collection. Download HERE

1. Intro 2 Tha Phonk
2. Big Boom | phonky vibe
3. Pitch Blvck
4. BLVCK MVNSIXN | Black Mansion
5. Bring Me The $$ (prod. Ryan Hemsworth)
6. Rxign xf Pxwxr | Fuck Assimilation
7. Do You Wvnnv Ride Pt. II (prod. Frost The Wave God)
8. Phonkstyle Interlude
9. BLVCK FXRTRXZZ | Black Fortress (feat. Ethelwulf)
10. Listen Tx Thx Night | THX DVRK
11. Why They Hate Us | cuz we rvidxrz
12. Phonky Outro
13. BONUS | Pyramids In Space (feat. & prod. Jay Cue)


Click “READ MORE” to view the Official Video for PITCH BLVCK




Pitch Blvck is the first music video from Key Nyata’s latest release Two Phonkey.

Directed by Le Fresh Perspective x Aighty.
Shot by Le Fresh Perspective x Aighty.
Edited by Aighty.