Photos: Manhattan Nights

June 14th, 2012 · Posted by PandaReemy

Just another random night. Didn’t get any pictures of before the party, but I was drinking Jameson & Budweiser in Washington Square Park with the homie Shen. Later on we happened to link up with fellow anml/designer/photographer, Jamar (TheBoredKids). We stopped by the gawgeous Nyne Lyves party downtown that my homie Gianni Lee was DJ’ing, literally a block away. Overall it was a very chill, laid back night with a lot of beautiful people. More nights like these to come

Major S/O’s to the brozay Johnny Nelson for rock’n our Leopard ANML-Print snapback. He even told me it’s 1 of his personal favorites. The love is real out here in NY.