Preview: Anime Art Project – Part 3 feat. Kaneda (from AKIRA)

May 26th, 2012 · Posted by PandaReemy

Another Saturday, and another Anime character! I think we should call this Anime Saturday! Corny, I know. *sigh* I digress. Anyways, last week we previewed Lupin The 3rd, and now we’re here for Part 3 featuring………..Kaneda! Any fan of AKIRA would know this guy. I mean, his awesome motorcycle alone should make his coolness factor jump thru the roof. When it comes to style, we didn’t have to do much. We wanted to keep the Motorcycle Jacket, but give it a high-fashion edge. We modeled this Jacket after one that Balmain released for Spring 2011 (still working on the Jacket btw, sooo many fucking straps & zippers!). We decided to keep it real phonky and give ‘em some Levi Jeans and classic Wheat Timbs like a real OG. Can’t get no realer than that, especially if you’re holding a gnarly lazer kannon in your hand like a badass. What do you think?


The whole concept is to bridge Anime’s original character style with a modern-day Fashion twist. Most of these mangas/shows had some really cool characters with trendsetting Style & great Fashion sense, so we wanted to play around with that idea but give it an update. This is Part 3 of an on-going series that we’ll be creating! Expect to see characters from popular Animes all the way to underground favorites. We’re trying to post at least ONCE A WEEK, every Saturday. Stay tuned for Part 4 featuring Future Trunks (from DBZ)!


- Original Concept + Layouts by: @PandaReemy

- Vector Illustrations + Coloring by: @Keith_Squirrel