Video: GRIME Presents – Grande Marshall LIVE at the TLA with A$AP

February 19th, 2012 · Posted by PandaReemy

I’m still at a loss for words (scroll below for coverage).

Grande Marshall opened the show for ASAP Rocky, and with rightful cause! The homie has a mini-catalog of dope tracks to perform and 2012 JUST started. This show was quite possibly, the best rap concert I’ve ever attended in Philly. No hypebeast. The crowd was a perfect balance between the young & rowdy cool kids in the moshpit to the laid back OG’s outchea smoke’n blunts. Philly, Jersey, Delaware, MD, and NYC was in the building, HEAVY! It’s been a long 2 months so far, but the TRILLADELPHIA movement is moving!

Check out some video coverage below, shot by Grime Collective‘s Anthony Campusano & Edited by Noah Stack

This is for the LEFT SIDE!! S/O to y’all for fuck’n with us on some rowdy shit.


And S/O to A$AP Rocky for being that Trill mu’fucka. Fuck swag.


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