Anml Celebrity Matchups

February 6th, 2010 · Posted by JonnyRabbit

In celebration of Facebook’s new Doppelganger Week, I’ve comprised a list of fellow Anmls and their celebrity counterparts. The gang might hate me for these.

PandaReemy – Ice Cube
Honorable Mentions – Travie of Gym Class / Ben Hundreds / Jack Black

JonnyRabbit – Usher
Honorable Mentions – Eric Snow / Terrence Howard

The Carter – Omar Epps
Honorable Mentions – Temple Owls Logo / Jax (Mortal Kombat) / Bush Baby

Brian The Dogg – Gary Coleman
Honorable Mentions – Brian (Family Guy)

Skillit – Cousin Skeeter
Honorable Mentions – Gumby / Where’s Waldo / Skeeter (Doug)

Keith Squirrel – Huey
Honorable Mention – Lil’ Bow Wow (when he was still Lil’)

Jimmy Bear – The Hulk
Honorable Mention – 50 Cent

JuJu – Amy Winehouse
Honorable Mention – Salma Hayek on crack / George Lopez :)

UgoCroc – Will Smith as Hancock
Honorable Mention – Samuel L. Jackson

PeteyRilla – T-Pain
Honorable Mention – Camron as Rico (Paid in Full)

Eric King – Jamie Foxx

Khalid Da Boss – Lil’ Wayne